For the overwhelmed mom who loves her kids but is hiding in the bathroom...

Start feeling like the MASTERPIECE MOM that you are!

4 weeks of kids + family activities, mindless meal plans and more delivered instantly to your inbox.

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"Stir crazy" syndrome is real and it has even the best intended moms around the world throwing up their hands in despair.

Your kids are beyond bored and you are fresh out of new ideas to keep them active + entertained...

You have NO CLUE what to make for dinner

And although you haven't put on your jeans for over a month, you are convinced they do NOT fit the same.

If you are being honest with yourself, everyone in your house could use a little more Jesus... Starting with you.

I get it; I'm a mom and I was there too - feeling all the things you are feeling right now... feeling NOT ENOUGH.

But with a few simple shifts, I started feeling like I was "winning" each day - I started feeling like a MASTERPIECE!

All a result of a straightforward system based on 4 simple concepts + 4 family ground rules.

I've put that system into an easy to follow 4-week plan just for YOU, and made it available via a 39-page PDF download sent instantly to your inbox!

No daily emails. No waiting for next steps. No additional coaching program needed.

Everything you need immediately at your fingertips.


You CAN battle boredom, restore JOY, evoke LAUGHTER, AND create HAPPY family quarantine memories in a healthy + faith-filled way!

You CAN feel like you are WINNING every day with this easy to implement 4-week Faith + Fitness plan!

Say NO to:

  • The lies inside your head
  • Endless searching for new activities to keep kids entertained + active
  • Racking for your brain for what to cook for dinner (...and breakfast, and lunch)
  • The dreaded "quarantine 15"
  • Sibling / family fights
  • Feeling "stuck"

Say YES to:

  • Strong(er) mind, body, & spirit
  • Mindless meal planning
  • Laughter
  • Lasting healthy habits
  • Feeling CONNECTED + FREE
  • FUN family quarantine stories that will be told for generations to come

Here's what you get...

39-pages delivered instantly to your inbox (via PDF instant download) filled with the following:

120 minutes of Faith-based Kids (+ Family) Fitness classes

...Replayed endlessly

Entertaining exercise classes for kids (and parents too) easily done in your living room, driveway, or back yard using common household items.

The toolkit includes 4 Virtual Recess videos, each with a character-building theme, providing endless hours of entertainment!

WARNING: Sweaty smiles and explosive joy may result.

Daily Ideas for Fellowship  

Stay connected even during isolation

Daily (social distancing safe) suggestions to help you and your family go from feeling isolated, to feeling connected... both with each other, and to the outside world.

Laughter-evoking Family Night activities 

Running out of family night ideas? We've got you covered!

With a few different family night options offered each week, these kid-tested, family approved activities provide a full month of merriment.

Repeat as requested (yes, it will be requested).

4 Weekly Calendars  

Simple schedule showing you exactly HOW to intentionally implement the activities into your week.

There is no better time than NOW to re-build the life you want to live, prioritizing the things that matter most. That is part of being a MASTERPIECE :-)

14-day Mindless Meal Plan

Nothing fancy. Nothing complicated. Nothing expensive.

Recess & Results founder Beth Vazquez shares the "moderation" menu she personally created for her families breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the past 2 weeks.

Mix up and repeat for a full month of mindless meal planning.

28-day Family Bible Plan

Daily recommended bible readings with family discussion questions + prayer prompts

Making FAITH first in your family's daily routine is a GAME CHANGER. This devotion plan allows you to do that with short, 5-10 morning Bible sessions, connecting FAITH + FITNESS, and the 4 ground rules set by the program. Draw your family closer together, and cultivate your masterpiece mindset through the word of God and prayer.

Are you ready to go from RUT to REVIVAL?

Get your Sanity-Saving Toolkit TODAY

BONUS: receive 6 nutrition tips + 15 recipes FREE!

**Program Value: $197**

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What people are saying...

We just did the workout. It was super important for my life. And for my kids lives. Thank you! We needed that.

- Amanda

My kids had a blast! From kids ages 4,5,8 &10... THANK YOU!

- Ashely

Fewer sibling fights and a more joyful flow to our days of social distancing - I feel like "supermom" - Praise Jesus!

- Beth (yep, that's me!)

"An answer to my prayers! This is exactly what I needed to save my sanity and keep my family on track during these crazy times."

- Angela

This toolkit includes an easy to implement routine that was designed by me (through MUCH prayer) - an overwhelmed, "feeling the pressure" wife + mom... for YOU, a mom feeling the same.

I know the day-to-day struggle because I live it.

I found a simple system that lifted my family out of the rut, and revived a healthy + happy home.

Now I am committed to sharing that same simple system - and the tools needed to make it work - with families like yours, helping you come out of quarantine stronger (physically, mentally, spiritually) than ever before -- without adding to the stress you already feel and bringing a little more Jesus into the process.

Hi! I'm Beth :-)

I was in the exact place you are right now!

"Stir crazy" had set in strong... the family was crabby, bored, annoyed, and looking to me for E V E R Y T H I N G.

And I was pulling my hair out.

But then God reminded me of some very simple, effective truths, and I used them to create to the tools + system that quickly got my family out of the rut we had fallen in and into a routine that is making us stronger, happier, and more FUN to be around. :-)

And now I am on a mission to help other moms just like you, feel like the MASTERPIECE you are!

I am a wife, mom of 3 (2 birth and 1 bonus), and a self-proclaimed Jesus freak who has been helping moms and families reach their health + wellness goals for over 15 years and I am honored to help you reach yours!

I am not perfect - but I am a MASTERPIECE... and so are you (Ephesians 2:10). We got this girl!

Grab the Sanity-Saving Toolkit and start feeling the difference DAY 1!

Be sure to let me know how it's going; I can't wait to get to know you.